What is ProjectileX?

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Our Story

Entrepreneurship and technology lie at the crux of society and give rise to world-change discovery and innovation. The issue is that business and technology education are not very integrated into the education system, particularly in K12 education, which puts youth in a difficult position having to learn skills, both hard and soft, once they're officially out of school. We wanted to do make the resources that are available for the entrepreneurs of today available to Generation Z, the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. We do this through an application-based approach, heavily based on helping youth learn first and then apply what they've learned. We started ProjectileX in April of 2016, working on preliminary materials for our program before incorporating in January of 2017. Since then, our programs have reached 216 schools across 15 countries, and we've done this with a board that is composed of only Generation Z'ers. Our approach consists of:

  • Education: We utilize our student network to introduce our business curriculum to K12 schools across the globe.
  • Conferences: We run Youth Ignite, a Generation Z version of TechCrunch Disrupt, featuring prominent speakers, venture capitalists, among others.
  • Community-Betterment Initiatives: We empower our students to give back to our communities through helping the homeless, empower women, etc.
  • Networking Events: We plan networking events for students to connect and network, creating a platform for students to interact and the possibility of working together in the future.
  • Digital Education: In order to reach schools in countries that have non-English-speaking students, we've create a digital platform, similar to Khan Academy, that utilizes captioning to get over that language barrier.
  • Incubator: Utilizing the funds we've raised from sponsors, grants, and investors, we invest in youth ventures and pair students with mentors to help them make their project proposals into a real product or service.

Program Testimonials

"I was involved in ProjectileX's high school program as a part of Irvington High School's entrepreneurship club. ProjectileX was a great addition to our school curriculum as it pushed me to think deeper about what I was learning in class and how I could apply that towards creating my own business. "
Kevin Moy Student
"I volunteered at ProjectileX's Sacramento summer camp that took place in S'2017. Though I've worked on many volunteering initiatives in the past, I felt that I was a part of something larger than myself, that I was helping to shape the future in a way that I had definite control over."
David Song Program Lead

Our Numbers


ProjectileX's programs are in 216 schools across 15 countries this fall, and has a large youth network.

Our Students

ProjectileX has influenced over 108,000 students across it's partnerships and sole programs since January 2017.


ProjectileX has a unique technology-focused, experiential learning-driven curriculum that gets students to "do".

Why ProjectileX?

Who are we?
We are a student-run youth business non-profit organization that focuses on furthering youth entrepreneurship and empowering the youth through a variety of initiatives.
What do we do?
We work on furthering entrepreneurship and empoewring the youth through our educational programs, conferences, community-betterment initiatives, and our social-impact incubator.
What is our goal?
Our goal is to have our programs running in every school in the United States as well as reach $5 million for GZ Ventures, our impact fund, within the next 5 years.
Why should you choose ProjectileX?
Our vision and actions are authentic. Being led completely by Generation Z'ers, the problem we are trying to solve is personal. Further, because we are students, our student network is large, lending tremendous expansion potential for our programs.
Why is business education imperative?
Though the current K12 system provides students with great knowledge that they can keep in mind in the future, an added business education can help grow the leaders of tomorrow and help students apply their knowledge towards practical solutions.